Form your Elite Four with the new Pokémon Go Party Play feature

Form your Elite Four with the new Pokémon Go Party Play feature

There’s no I in Pokémon, but there’s a we in Weedle. There’s also a team in Team Rocket, but that doesn’t work quite as well. Anyway, exciting news, Niantic is updating Pokémon Go with a thrilling new feature, all about playing with your pals. The new Pokémon Go Party Play feature means you can join forces with up to three friends (to form a party of four) and adventure together to bag some fun new rewards.

Niantic is adding Pokémon Go Party Play tomorrow, October 17, 2023, and from there you can form parties to adventure together. Pokémon Go is introducing new party challenges that you can complete by playing with pals. Form a party to battle and raid together, and while in a party, you even earn a bonus move in raids, which makes your next charged attack hurt for double damage. Get your strongest Pokémon ready; raids are about to change!

You must be level 15 or over to unlock Pokémon Go Party Play, and from there, you gain access to the new features and the new party challenges. When you complete these, you can get some fun new rewards such as Eevee avatar shirts. Then, when you finish battling or playing with your pals, you earn an activity summary to show the highlights from your session. It seems like just the beginning for party play, and we’re excited to see it evolve. Plus, we bet an Azure Flute that this is how Niantic introduces Finizen and its evolution, Palafin.

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